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How to properly evaluate dating site statistics

Hello. Look, just in these days three matches have arrived, but I assure you that as soon as I signed up it rained. I went to check. I had 9 matches in 4 days. And I don’t give preference to all of them… on the contrary… I am quite selective. Of those 9, 2 did not answer me, 3 disappeared after a couple of messages (so much so that I thought about fake profiles) and with the other 4 I had a long chat, so much so that with 2 I also saw myself fetlife website.

And as for being the most beautiful of those who appeared on Tinder, I would say that I don’t think so. I am absolutely normal. I wrote a witty sentence in my profile and tried to put photos that enhance me.

As I wrote, the situation has recovered a little in these days. There was, however, a dead period. Rare proposals and 0 matches.

Okay, I don’t know how many girls you like, but these numbers are already very plausible.

In the sense, in the previous message you were talking about 70 matches out of 100 swipes, which makes one think of mind-boggling numbers, considering that 100 swipes do them in 10 minutes.

9 matches in 4 days is okay, as is the fact that for a few days you have not received anything – it happens.